Please take care of yourself

A presentation

go eat something

Even if you're on a diet, or its midnight or whatever. Please just get some food. If you're hungry eat something, fuel your body baby.

Give yourself a compliment

Whether it is a simple, "I am proud of myself because of xyz" or it is something such as, "I am really stunning." you should give yourself a little compliment, you deserve it!

Give yourself a break

Don't stress yourself out too much! Take a breather, do something you love and relax. You don't have to push yourself baby, it is gonna be alright!

You are not alone

At a time like this, the world is a scary depressing place. But right now, you don't have to worry about that. Reach out to a friend, tell them how much you love them. You are loved and cared about. Remember that it doesn't have to end here, or anytime soon.

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